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Heated Leather Seats - Where To Take Power From?

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I've just fitted heated leather seats into my car.

My car is a facelift version but the seats have come from a pre face lift.

I've got everything working other than the heated pads.

I've figured out how to wire them in from various diagrams but I'm stuck as to where to take power from.

The guide I used said to take power from pin 14 on plug c500 in the fuse box. I think this refers to the prefacelift fusebox and not my facelift Zetec.

I do have a relay in mine which is F5 20amp replay but from, what I can gather the pre facelift seats don't need a relay.

I also want to make sure they only work when the ignition is on.

I can tackle most things but I'm not so hot on auto electrics

Any help would be much appreciated

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Its probably not enabled in the PCM to be honest. You would need to look at the modified elm cable and trick to see if it offers the heated seats option.

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Finished all off today.

Very easy to do once I found all the right connections.

All working and nothing needed to be enabled in the PCM.

Only issue I had was that the gears had stripped from the seat motors that control the height of the base. I removed the one from my standard interior and fitted it to the leather seat and it works a treat. Just need another one to mod for the angle adjust for the base. I'm not paying a fortune for brass gears.

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No photos I'm afraid. If I get chance I'll put a guide together as it's not difficult to log and photo the nessesary areas.

My biggest issue with the wiring was finding a suitable earth. In the end I used the earth for the cigar lighter. Its only used for satnav/phone charging.If I end up using it for anything bigger I'll put a whole new circuit in.

I only changed the interior because I picked it up for the bargain price of £35 with switches wiring connectors.

I didn't change the door cards though as it seems the prefacelift door cards are a bit plasticy and that was in a Ghia X. The ones in mine are a slightly padded leather feel.

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