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Please Help Me Value My Grandads Car You Lovely People!


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Hi all,

Love the forum! I have joined because my grandad can no longer drive and has a H reg (1991) Ford Escort XR3i, it has been sitting in his garage since ownership and has had minimal use. Currently it has a fresh MOT, recently had a new exhaust and has NO rust on the body work or under the car, he has had people put notes on the car on the rare occsions he goes out showing interest in purchassing it as it really does stand out as a very clean sought after car as you guys can probably appritiate.

He has owned it for 10 years and has only covered 20k miles in this time. Currently the mileage is only on 40k.

The interior is perfect condition and the Black paintwork is cleaned and polished regually despite rarly being driving so as you can imagine it is in lovely condition with NO rust on or under the car.

Could anyone please give me a rough price of what he should be asking for it please? I am not being lazy as i have looked over the internet but the ones i have found vary so much in price.

So could anyone please give me a ballpark figure? Sorry have no pics at the moment but have attatched a pic of one i found on the internet with the same wheels, colour year and model. Except my grandads one has the Fog lights on the front too.

Thank you so much in advance for your help advice.




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That does look mint, original wheels too.

The price will vary depending on whether it goes to a private/garage sale.

A couple of good sources for pricing levels could be either browsing some car trader mags or doing one of those text check services.

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I would love to have it to, but really cant at the moment. I had one back in the early 90s with the RS Turbo body kit and Ford Tiger Stripe Motorsport colours on a white car. It looked great (well I thought it did at the time).

There is a trader selling a red one with 150k miles on the clock for £2.5k. Seeing some range from £1.4k sold privately, I think you should be looking for at least £2.5k considering the low mileage.

Some low mileage cabriolet versions for a lot more if they are in good nick.

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