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Radio Causing Battery Drain On 57 Reg Fiesta Climate


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I have been advised by my garage that there is a module in the radio which is causing the battery to drain and go completely flat and that the only solution is to replace the radio. I have disconnected the radio and since then I have not had any more problems with a flat battery, so it appears that they are correct. Does anyone know if the only solution is to replace the radio or can the module just be replaced? (I'm assuming that would be a cheaper option!)

Another problem that I have had almost since the car was new is that the boot release button only works intermittently, but of course every time I take it to the garage it works and so as they can't see the problem they don't know how to fix it - any ideas?

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Having parts of the radio fixed will work out more than buying an eBay replacement.

Radio repair companies can charge hundreds.

New radios from Ford start at about £400.

There are loads of radios on eBay, expect about £100 plus for a mint one.

What model radio do you have at present?

Can you post up a pic?

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I have had similar boot release problems with my 56 plate Fiesta not opening when parked up with engine on, only way of opening it was with the key fob. I looked into this and apparently its a safety measure implemented to stop you leaving the boot open. Although sometimes the oposite happens and I can open it as normal.

Have you looked at aftermarket radios?

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If i were you and wanted to save a few £££ I would go for an aftermarket stereo, I'm guessing your fiesta has the single face stereo and not the 3 tier system like he older fiesta.

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