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Water Leak?


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A friend told me there was a pool of water where I had been parked the other night.

Checking the water yesterday morning it was way below minimum so I put 500ml water in and stopped off on the way to work for some anti-freeze topping it up to max with 500ml coolant.

Checked this morning and it is still at max but concerned about a possible leak and what it could be. I dont want to be without the car for work tomorrow and am doing a 240 mile round trip at the weekend. Any advice welcome.


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If the coolant was below minimum then I would hate to be the bearer of bad news but 'something' is wrong, check the coolant in the morning on mine when the water pump leaked it was fine until it was left overnight then the coolant would drip away all night, what's the history on the car has it had a new thermostat or water pump recently?

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The point is coolant shouldn't be lost with no trace, if it were a head gasket I would say it would have lost some by now, if not then it could be a leaky hose or filler cap or pump, unless something has been changed in the system in which case it could have been an air pocket that's worked out, unless the outside temperature is higher I doubt you would see a big puddle because there won't be so much condensation on the evaporator in the summer on a real hot day mine left a pond due to just being regassed and so very efficient, when you next take it out for a longer journey check it and keep an eye on the temp gauge if it goes down again you have a problem if not just an air pocket.

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