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Streetka Deemed A Write-Off - Rear Axle Bent...what Do You Think?

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I was involved in a rear side impact and insurers tell me that the car is a write off and have now offered a low ball settlement.

Here are the readouts for the car, please can someone translate and let me know if I am being spun a yarn




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The first page is wheel alignment and steering geometry.

Red figures denote readings outside manufacturers specifications for alignment.

Those figures are all adjustable to bring back into tolerances.

What you have to remember is just because they've written off your car it doesn't mean it's not fixable but that it's likely to cost more than current resale valuation of your car.

Second page is axle alignment in relation to the body of the car.

Basically your car is twisted out of alignment down one side.

It would probably need either new wishbones, axles steering rack etc. or most likely putting on a jig to pull everything back within tolerance.

Both aren't cheap tbh.

I'd query their low settlement.

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