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As a new user to Air Conditioning I'm not really sure how to operate it properly. I know I have to press the button and I set my dials to what it showed in the book but I still dont know if I'm doing it properly! The book said have the fan speed on 2, temperature to cold I guess to cool down, and the direction of air to face, but do I need the vents open or leave them closed? The air flow feels the same with or without a/c on! HELP lol

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The vents will need to be open or you won't feel any difference.

The air flow will be the same, just colder with the aircon on.

Is your car new? You may need an aircon recharge.

Thanks, that helps a bit. I drove home with the vents open tonight, couldn't really tell the difference in coldness but I guess it must have been. The car is about 7 months old.

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