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Powertrain Error

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Hi I have a 2009 ford fiesta on a 58 plate. The power train light has come on this evening. The first time it happened I didn't notice an issue, parked the car turned it off. When I came back and started it again the warning light had gone but I noticed when I accelerate hard this causes the power train light to come on, once it's on the car goes into limp mode and eventually just cuts out!

Today the car cut out 5 times on the way to work. When it cuts out it comes up with the battery light and if I accelerate in gear then the car pulls back, exactly like if your trying to jump start it. It won't start until I've turned the ignition off completely then back on. Iv connected 3 error code machines to it and all say no errors, but I didn't think this would work as its not an ecu problem.

Any idea on what the issue could be & aprox cost of repair?

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For a blocked filter the car will go to limp as a fuel pressure issue will be logged. But on key off the code generally will reset as the pressure is returned to a recognised position. Take care when replacing the filter that you bleed the fuel through correctly. Or get a garage to deal with it

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