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Engine Failure Kuga

Don cat

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Hi All

I'm a first time user and still currently in a state of shock, 5 weeks ago I took our Kuga to our local ford dealer as the clutch was starting to slip ( not expected after just 45k ) this was confirmed and a quote of £450 agreed, this turned into £915 as we were told a new Dual Mass Fly Wheel was required, also a service was carried out (as it has been since new at the same ford dealer). All seem well (apart from my bank account) until last week when my wife was returning from work, she heard a bang and the car stopped, AA towed to the ford dealer and after 2 days informed me that the engine was beyond repair, I inspected to head and yes it is but they can't tell me why this has happened, they tell me it's not the Cam belt but I can't understand what else would cause all the pistons to smash into virtually all the valves. The appears to be no history of this type of problem, no warning lights, the AA checked and could find not problem. I am wondering if this may be related to the replacement DMF ? Could a failure or failure to install correctly result in the drive chain seizing causing the cam belt to jump with the aforementioned consciences. By the way the quote for a replacement Engine is £10,175.00 yes at least 2k more than the car is worth. Has anybody got any thoughts .??



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I don't know the answer as I have not seen this before on such a low mileage engine. Hopefully someone with more technical knowledge will be along. I'm feeling for you Paul.

How long have you had the car and where did you buy it from?

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Chicken and egg situation here for starters. Did the valves and pistons meet after the failure or before is wonder? How do the idler and water pump pulleys look? Was the oil level correct? I think taking a cool headed approach directly with Ford Customer Services might be the way to go, to see if they will help out considering the expenditure on the vehicle to date, especially if you have a full Ford Dealer service history.

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What's the year an mileage so ur sayin your cam belt snapped

He did say its a 2008 with 45k miles on and the garage told him it WASNT the cam belt.

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