Fitting A New Car Stereo Into A Ford Fiesta?

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Hi there, completely new here and would like some help on what I need to fit a car stereo!

I've bought the Fiesta with a 4500 RDS stereo fitted and would like a new aftermarket one that can accommodate a 3.5mm input for my own music player.

I've searched around everywhere and can't seem to get a set answer on what I need or what car stereos i'm restricted to.

I'm not that fond of doing it myself, but if it's simple enough I might go for it.

What sort of kit do I need it?

Could I just fit something like this?


One more thing, if I fit an aftermarket stereo do I lose any abilities such as the trip computer?

Thanks in advance :)

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Hey mate :) I have a Fusion which is very similar to the Fiesta and also had to get rid of that awful stereo! Here's mine now -


The trim could do with a tidy up!

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It is well worth doing yourself and it's not too difficult! Take your time and be patient.

Everything you have to do to remove the dash and radio is extremely well explained with this link -


You will have to buy a SINGLE DIN FASCIA PLATE that includes a ISO adapter and aerial adapter off eBay as the original stereo is a double din.

Here is an example -


Simply buy an aftermarket (single din) CD player that suits you and your needs and slot it in, connect it up, put back the dash and enjoy! :D I bough a Sony Xplod with AUX that was very cheap and I have it connected to my subwoofer. Much better than the old Ford radio and looks 100 times better too!

The radio you have in your link would be ideal.

Finally, unfortunately with the aftermarket stereo I have lost the ability to change radio station and volume with the stalk by the steering wheel. A little price to pay in my opinion.

Any questions just ask ^_^

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It's possible but I wasn't even thinking about it when I was sorting out the stereo.

I'm going to carbon fibre wrap the trim on the console soon so I'll have a better look when I take out the radio for the patch

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I had the same dilemma but I didn't cut the panel I just purchased the Nav Console and sold the 4500 Radio along with the old console on ebay.

I am stereoless at present whilst I figure out what I want to do either install original ford stereo like the Ford 6000 or an aftermarket double din stereo.

You can get a ford 6000 with a Aux cable adaptor. I have bought the adaptor but I don't know which Ford 6000 to buy there seems to be 3 different sizes and even the smallest looks like it might overlap the console.

Ebay is the best option as Ford 6000 or 6006 new is £300-400.

Has anyone had any experience with this? Talking to some ebay sellers they say our Fiesta model is the pre-facelift model whatever that means?

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