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Gem/fuse Box Question - 7M5T 14A073 Cc


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Hi all,

CMAX 2.0 Zetec Auto 2008

I have severe electrical issues at present (central locking, dashboard not showing indicators/lights & has engine electrics warning, now wipers stopped working last night).

I believe i need a new internal fuse box (GEM/ECU ??) to replace the one in the passenger well of my CMAX which seems to have been damaged by water ingress.

The part number is 7M5T 14a073 CC

Apparently ford installed a blanket fuse box with all electrical functionality for the entire range ready to be programmed dependant upon the model sold with, but I have no idea what the part number is.

Is it correct that any fuse box starting with: 7M5T 14a073 C... will work and just needs to be coded or do i need to find either exactly the same (CC) or the next letter along i.e. CD,CE,CF which i assume have higher functionality than the existing??

I have found one fusebox online 7M5T 14a073 CF that looks similar, apparently fits 2008 cmax models but I urgently need some guidance.



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Sounds more simple an issue than the fuseboard needs replacing

Disconnect the battery and leave for 5 minutes, Then drop down the fuseboard. Around the central right of the fuseboard is the main wiring harness, this probably has become loose, I would suggest that you at this point disconnect ALL relays and harnesses, and then reconnect and resecure them all back into place.

Then when you reconnect the battery, this should help to clear the immediate error and start afresh.

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Thanks JW

I have previously pulled the internal fuse box out, taken everything out (wiring, fuses etc...everything) and replaced it all exactly as was with no improvement - key difference was I didn't disconnect the battery)

wife has the car until 4pm so when back i'll do what you suggest:

disconnect battery, then just pull out the large cube shaped units and wiring plugs NOT fuses or everything again then reconnect it all and then battery?

also, should I just do this to the internal passenger side fuse box or the engine bay fusebox too?



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would be worth doing it to both fuse boxes, leave the fuses in place but remove and re-seat each of the harnesses in turn.

The only reason I say do it with the battery off the loop, is because it can then pick up the fluctuation in voltage and could lodge some odd error codes!

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Hi JW/everyone,

No luck, still an issue.

Had the car MOT'd successfully yesterday with this fault, only change is the dashboard engline warning lightis gone.

bringing the car home I tried the key fob lock button to see if now the
warning light was gone it would work without seizing up the door locks,
unfortunately it did the usual, triggered the passenger door locks
again so I had to get the fuse box down and short the pin 16 on the
middle plug to pop them open again.

So back to
manually locking each passenger door by puching the lock button above
each handle, then locking the drivers door manually with the key.

If you have any other thoughts - definitely fusebox or definitely drivers door lock etc. I really appreciate it.

Taking car in to the mechanics tomorrow but worried will turn into an expensive proposition.



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I have exactly the same problem as the previous guy... Going that this will prompt someone to post who has any fresh ideas on how to resolve.

Central locking not locking ( but unlocks) warning headlights on.....

Any bright ideas very much welcomed

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