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i am looking to fit and rs turbo engine to my mk5 escort , i am wondering which engine to go for its a choice between the fiesta rs turbo engine

or the escort rs turbo engine i am looking to get around 200bhp from either engine i was just wondering which engine is the best to go for



If you cant decide you could always put both in... :ph34r:

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hi mate ive had quite alot of experience with the rs turbo side of things, if this was something that i was doing id use the escort engine with the Fiesta management system,

mfi system for the escort will only stand about 300bhp thats at a big big push too where as the efi Fiesta system will stand up to roughly around 350bhp

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mate get the Fiesta lump as it is a better engine as you can run the efi system which is the best out of all the rs turbos for tuning potential to achieve 200 bhp with a Fiesta lump it just requires a chip cam injectors and a uprated pump where as to achieve this with the escort engine means alot more work and exspense

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