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What Mark is this car and engine question?


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What mark is this car??


its the 1.4 diesel model, so not surprising the engine is small but when looking in bonnet it appears very gappy with being to see the ground very easily when looking down through. i never had this with my astra so was just confirming with you guys this is normal for this model?

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Hey there.

I could be wrong, but i think its the mark 6 AFTER the facelift.

The mark 6 began life without any of the diagonal bits at the bottom, and then the facelift added theese (and also changed the lights).

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Some makes of diesel engines are a lot smaller than their petrol counterparts so it's normal.

Also looks like a mk6 but i wonder if someone has put on a zetec bumper without the foglights as all the mk6's i`ve seen so far without front fogs seem to have a "2 tone" bumper.....top the colour of the car with the lower half done black. ( i could be wrong )

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its a mark 6 pre facelift, 02 to late 05.......... facelift model 05 to late 08 has different front lights, rearlights front bumper and grille, dash computor, fuel guage on old one is lcd,.... new one has regular guage with needle i know i have 08 facelift model . also the front bumper has part of the grille already moulded on it...........on the the pre facelift has a compleat seperate bumper and grille and the car in the pics looks like it has Northern Irish number plate's check out the gallery "black beauty" and double click the pic you will get a bigger pic, and you can see the difference.


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