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Fiesta mk7 - Optional extra/s (order times)


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So, I rang the dealer today for two reasons;

- The first was to clear up the controversy caused by a separate topic, but we won't go into all that again.

- Secondly (and mainly) to check for any status updates regarding my Titanium. (I also read a separate topic which was talking about Titanium's in particular taking a while).

Anyway, So the dealers response was pretty cool, we had a little chat for a while (public relations and all that, lol!).

He was basically saying that because of the high spec of the car (i.e. all the optional extras added on such as 17" wheels, leather interior etc) the car was going to take longer than expected as obviously the builds are less frequent as they are more specialist and cannot just be rolled off the production line. Also if you think of it all the machinery and such like would have to be changed in order to build the car.

This is possibly why some of us havn't a build date, because they are waiting for a particular number of 'Specialist' orders before they assign a date to build them? This is the reason I rekon, as all the others do seem to be blaming someone else (i.e. Can't get the wheels quick enough, courier changed methods etc).

So basically that's it, was just writing this to point out that that may be the reason a few of us have had 'delayed' build dates, which would make sence with a few of the other reasons people have received such as no 17" wheels etc?

Either way, my order date was 27th April and my delivery date is estimated at late May, early June (although i'm not holding my breath).

Seems like the system building the Fiestas need to step up their game?

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The car you have ordered would of had a place in the production line before you even ordered it. Ford will build a set ammount of 1 trim with the same stuff on and send them to different parts of the world. They wont need to change the machine's to build different cars as thats not very cost effective from Ford's point of view. Things what can be added on at the dealership will be done there (eg, alloy wheels, scuff plates etc).

You need to look at the way car companies build cars, they do slected trim levels in one block to save money. They wont just pop one special order on the production line, then go back to building a Zetec for example.

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Ah ok, Thanks for the info mate.

So I presume they would build a batch of Titanium's with Leather Trim and gray dash at a given time? Then maybe add on the bodykit and 17" at the dealership? Throw in the fact that I've ordered technology pack too (which would be added at factory) and I could be looking at quite some time wait?

Afterall, not many (only seen 1 on here) want Titanium with bodykit AND Titanium X AND Technology? That's a pretty slim batch that would be built, so could be waiting longer than (for example) a factory built Zetec?

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the body kit is put on at the factory i reckon.

i think thats y they take so long, the more stuff they have to add to them the longer it will take.

plus all the parts will go to there original cars first, ie the bodykit will be put on the Zetec S before anything else so they may need to stock more in for the extra builds.

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whatever u spec is factory fitted... nothingis done by dealer. the demand on 3dr fiesta is just to large. bodykits are holding up build but actual bodyshells are also. were quoting 16 weeks on any 3 door fiesta now.

if you ordered your car in march/april then you should see it mid/late june i would say.. will be due into plant anytime now... or if u dnt have a build date yet maybe earily june. as far as i know if ur car was march wholesale then it will be built by june at the latest. (march wholesale didnt sell out until earily this month)

other MASSIVE problem at the minute is the scrappage scheme in germany... there all buyin 3 door fiesta! and the car is built in cologne...

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