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xenons, cruise & usb


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hi was just wondering, i used to be the workshop controller for Vauxhall in my area, now out of the pressures of the motor trade, i swapped my corsa for a fiesta, now i know you don't get cruise control on the zetec but was wondering if it could be done as i have fitted a number of cruise control kits on astras as all you had to get was the indicator stalk & tell the car it had cruise fitted as it fly by wire throttle & i thought the priciples would be the same, i also have some xenon lights & they should fit but i had a kit that flickered due to CANBUS wiring & voltage issues, do you think they would fit? USB interests me too & i thought it couldn't be that difficult just a couple of new leads & any programming etc, i know vauxhall technical said none of the mods on the astra could be done but they were proved wrong. any thoughts?

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not sure t be honest m8! usb is part of the bluetooth kit which can be retro fitted... not sure how easily it can be done mind u!

as for cruise control its fitted to steering wheel... would require ecu to be changed and new steering wheel... possible alot more... worth speaking to ur local ford workshop i would say

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