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My New Car


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Had the new car for 2 weeks now and was trying to post pictures but failled. I have put some on the gallery but can't seem to get them on the post.

Any how. The car is great, so far. I have coverred 610 miles and the motorway trip showed 50mpg on the computer but brim to brim was only 45mpg. Normal work commuting is showing 41mpg on the computer. I have yet to fill it up again. Just polished the car for the second time. Looks great but I find it difficult to clean and keep clean.

How can I post a picture?

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Have just checked your car in the gallery, very nice indeed!

If you get time could you do more pics of the interior, and also the front parking sensors, as i havent seen those yet

Looks like you put a lot of thought into the spec, hope you are very pleased with it


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See new picture of front of car close up. The outer sensors don't look too smart. These come in black only and are not colour coded, so won't look good on any other colour of car.

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