Fog Lights Not Working

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Hi all,

Last year I've bought a 2008 Ford Focus mk2.5 with no front fog lights. Last week I have ordered the Ford fog light kit to install them.

The kit includes the plastic covers, fog lights, and light switch.

Since my car was prewired I did not have to install any wiring.

I connected everything up but when I put my headlights on and pull the switch towards me the dash fog light logo comes on but the lights don't work. When I pull the switch for the second time the rear fog light comes on OK.

I've checked the fuse which seems OK. I've also measured for voltage at the connectors but my multimeter does not measure anything.

Do I have to fit a relay to get them to work? Any other tips? Thanks!

Ps => I live in Belgium, English is not my native language :)

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Yes I should imagine you will need a front relay not familiar with the layout of relays or fuses on this car but when i,ve done them in the past always had to fit a separate relay .

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