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Performance Upgrade Ideas

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i am the owner of a mk2 focus 1.6 zetec (pre-facelift) petrol, 100bhp

could anyone possibly inform me into ways that i could increase the power of the car,

all options welcommed

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Buy a faster car? :lol:


Get yourself a 1.6 Toyota Levin BZR

Same tax no turbo, probably same if not cheaper insurance

BUT 168bhp as standard ;)

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That's dropping from 6th to 3rd then up to 6th on a closed circuit strip non turbo 1.6 petrol notice the speed cut in 6th levels at 5,000rmp and just under 180kmh

Seriously though,

1.6 petrol focus mate, cant remap it or get more than 110bhp from it, get yourself a turbo diesel 1.8tdci focus or a Japanese petrol motor.

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Steel exhaust, remap, induction kit or if you have a bit of money spare, turbo!!!

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Try and see if puma speed do anything for your car

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Seriously, you would be wasting your time/ money, you colud spend a fair old bit of money and get practically no improvement (as Lenny has suggested) You would be far better off getting a quicker car or one with more tuning potential, it would probably be cheaper and better in the long run

Superchips do a remap for it, you have to take it to a Superchips dealer to do it (not Blufin/ mail order)

Superchips remap -


It costs £229 for a mere 9Hp, its not that Superchips is no good, but the engine has very limited tuning potential - you will barely notice thge extra 9Hp as it is not enough of a percentage increase to notice a significant difference

Fitting a panel filter (eg - K&N ) may increase power by 1 to 2hp at the top end, and increase throttle response a little (about £35 - i think its a bit more for a mk2 Focus) - considering you must inform your insurance and the premium may go up - definately not worth it

An open cone underbonnet cone filter will loose power and torque bot make a lot more noise - giving the illusion of power

same with a noisy exhaust -gives the illusion of power - a premium sports exhaust (stainless steel mandrel bent/ top make) migt increase power a little (by 5 to 10Hp)

So after spending the good part of a grand you might coax 120Hp out of the car and it would cost more to insure than a more powerful car - a waste of time/ money

Turbocharging would be expensive, a lot of hassle and the engine is a bit soft tio do this - again a quicker car would be more cost- effective/ better

Sorry to be a killjoy but thats how it is

Here is a link for AMD -


Their remap claims the same as Superchips (9Hp) but costs more (£299.95)

to get the full Miltek exhaust would cost (manifold, sports cat/ catback) £1123.37, or £1423.32 just for the exhaust and remap, there is no claimed performance/ Hp claims for the exhaust

There is a pipercross filter advertised for about £35 it claims 3=5Hp but that is more than a bit "optimistic" for the 1.6 - zero to 2Hp is more realistic

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I agree with everyone else. stop being a !Removed! bag and buy a new car

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