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Please Help! Ford Ka Studio Owners Advice Needed


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Hi everyone,

I am really hoping you can help me I have a 2013 Ford KA Studio and my interior light comes on when I open the drivers door but not the passenger door.

When I took it back to the dealership they said they don't know if it is meant to work! 10 Months later I still have no response and no working light.

If anyone has one of these cars can you please tell me whether your light works, because from what I have seen so far Ford just don;t want to have to fix it.

Thank you

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go into a dealership but park the car around the corner and ask to view the same car you have to check if the light works on the car your looking at.ito be honest i thaught all cars has courtisy light working from both drivers and passengers doors. if it does then you know your withing your rights to have your car sorted under warranty to get if fixed.

just make out your looking to buy the car that way they will go out their way to show you

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My wife has had a 60 plate and now her current 62 plate bottom of the range KA and neither had a courtesy light

switch/detector on the passenger side door.

It comes down to cost savings, but hey, cheap is cheap and a courtesy light switch not fitted on the passenger

side is no big deal...

(Note:- The white Titanium KA in the background is my daughters and that has all manner of fancy bits...)

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thats poor on fords part i recon. i understand no light in the boot but front is poor. as said money saving but they had them on all other cars so why now cut corners.

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