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Advice! Purchasing A Street Ka

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Hey guys,

I am going tomorrow to look at a Ford Street KA in grey, with 85000 miles, 05 plate tomorrow.

Luxury edition, heated leather seats, remote central locking etc.

Now with that many miles, what should i be looking for when i view it?

Does this engine also run on chain like the 1.3 Duratec? or is this belt driven?

Any noises to look out for? common faults? i know of the door handles, ive heard the suspension can be a problem on these?

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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I don't think there is anything particularly out of the ordinary to look out for that would cause any serious worries that you would not look out for on any used car of that mileage. I would check that the heater works hot and cold, although a new control valve isn't a big job to replace. Air con working was a bit hit and miss on the ones I looked at. Wheels can buckle quite easily, so check for any knocks on the inside particularly. Rust is no where the issue it is with the regular Ka, just play close attention to the bottom of the doors. You already know about the door handles.

As it's going to be cold tomorrow, be very careful dropping the roof as the plastic screen can crak if not careful.

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Full and regular service history, electrics, brakes, clutch- all the basics.

Also ensure you have two fully working keys - if not available and they won't source another for you remember that Ford would charge you about £200 for one.

If the rear screen is cracked, split or discoloured it will cost about £300 to replace.

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I had a SportKA some years ago on a 54 plate. That is still doing its rounds here locally and looks simply superb...

Although the StreetKA is similar to the SportKA it is not as quick, so don't expect sub 10s to 62 like the SportKA...

Nevertheless it is STILL gorgeous looking, a decade or so on, and basic spares are cheap.

Ford made a mistake not to continue it and give it subtle facelifts as it is a real girly car...

It will probably handle really well, similar to the SportKA...

Just imagine the SportKA with the new 123BHP 1.0L 3 cylinder jobby fitted...

I have always quoted that the SportKA is by far the bset handling car I have ever had.

Enjoy, because if it handles as well as the SportKA you will not be disappointed.

BTW, 85000 miles is not that great for a car that is barely 9 years old...

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