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Mk7 Bulb Types


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I was wondering the fittments of bulbs for the new fiesta, could someone post up what types are needed as i can not see any posts on this subject. I was wanting to upgrade mine and buy them before my fiesta arrives.


Fullbeam -

Dipped beam -

Sidelights -

Front Fogs -



Thank you


P.s if this could be filled out and left as a sticky post it will benefit anyone else who asks in the future.

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Fullbeam - H1

Dipped beam - H7

Sidelights - W5W

Front Fogs - H11

Front indicators - PY21W

Side (wing mirror) indicators - WY5W

Rear lights:

Rear indicators - PY21W

Brake & tail light's - P21/5W

Rear fog light - P21W

Reversing lights - W16W

Number plate lights - W5W

3rd high level brake light - L.E.D - cannot be changed

Interior lights:

Interior light - W6W

Reading lights - W5W

Footwell lights - W5W

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nice one mark, thats very helpfull to me also,

in regards to the footwell lights, these are not on the zetec S if im correct??

if so are the bulb holders there ready??

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The Footwell lights only come on a Zetec and above, but not the Zetec S. I don't know if the holders are in the Zetec S or not. Will need somebody with a ZS to find out :)

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