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Stationary Blues... ?


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Mk6 2003 Fez Zetec S

Hi all,

I've recently purchased 2 x 12" 1000W each subs and a 800W 115RMS @ 4 ohm 4 channel amp. Hooked this all up with 2000W wiring kit from "theloudest.com"

Cleaned the gunk off the battery terminals and using the power distribution block provided in the wiring kit to connect the power cable.

Ran the cables down either side of the car and using a very clean earthing point behind rear seats.

Now... my problem. When the car is turned on but stationary, my system sounds and performs great being able to max the volume with no spikes or distortion.

HOWEVER... When i start accelerating the LED's on my amp dim, and my subs turn off? Then as soon as I stop at the traffic lights (for example) they turn back on. I've had my battery and alternator tested and they come back good as new. Also checked to see if its overheating and going into safe mode but it doesn't seem to be at all?

Been Mucking about with this for a while now to no avail and starting to get quite annoyed that i can only enjoy music while stationary :angry:

Was thinking it could be a power problem and might be worth getting a 2 farad power cap?

If any one has any suggestions or answers it would be greatly appreciated as I fear a few more weeks of this and I'll end up throwing it off the F** bridge. Lol... :mellow:



Turns out the "Amp Rem" on the back of my head unit turns off when driving as a "safety feature" :blink:

Wired straight into the 12v power to the head unit, now working perfectly B)

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