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Water Leak Into Boot

big g1985

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Got a water leak into the boot of my wife's 54 plate c max.

The garage sealed around the wiper as they thought I was coming in through there. Well it's still leaking.

I've had the trim out today and a hose pipe on the go.

It's not leaking around the light fitting but it's damp up around the top of the inner panel.

I can't see where it's coming in and there's nothing obvious.

I had one drip by the seat belt mount on a double skin but again I can't see where it's coming from

Any help will be greatful

Pic shows where it's dripping in by the double skin


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weird, those are the only two places I can think, unless of course water is seeping in through the roof rail. down the drain and leaking out into the boot from there?

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I had this problem and after checking and sealing the places usually mentioned and finding water still getting in, our attention turned to the air pressure relief vent behind the bumper on the left hand side and we found the inside of the rubber flaps were soaking wet. The vent is about the size of a Chinese food carton lid, which is useful as that's exactly what we siliconed over it to effect a temporary water shield and hey presto no more leak. Not an ideal repair I know but I will revisit the problem when the weather's a bit less Baltic and make some kind of cowl to cover it while still letting it breathe.

Am not saying this will be everyone's problem but it's certainly something else to check

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Hi All

I am also currently having the same issue with Water getting into the boot. I have sealed the following

Boot seal

Roof rack 

Rear lights 

Spoiler and also the  welds around the outter part of the boot. 

Water seems to becoming from the bolt that holds the rear seat belts on both sides! 


Im am now at the point where I am at a loss. Any ideas welcome but plz note what I have already done thks

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