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Mk3 Mondeo Ghia Heated Seats

Mark twiglet

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LEDs on dash showing it's either hot or cold but doesn't change temp..... Is it supposed to feel hot or cold? Is it common fault? Easy fix or terminal! Interior is mint condition and car was well looked after by previous owner so makes me think I'm doing something wrong or expecting too much.....

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Mine does exactly the same but only the drivers side doesnt work and both seats look fairly new not worn at all .. when I first bought it I asked the garage about it and he said it was worn wires under the seat and would cost abit to fix and would rather give me my money back for the car than pay for it to be repaired and the seat releathered.

Dont know if thats whats up with yours it could be a fuse if its both seats. Hopefully someone else has found a cure for this would be worth trying it on mine aswell.

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Both front seat height adjustment switches do not work. Is it a fuse issue and if so is it two fuses or just one and am I correct that the location is the glovebox fuse box?

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