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Cool (american) review


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Hey guys...

Just saw this on YouTube

and it's definately worth watching.

Its an american couple (I think the husband is a Ford Agent) and they test drive the car.

One thing I did pick up on was at aprox 6.30 when the dealer stated that the front leather seats were heated...

... I'm sure the english version leather seats arn't heated, are they?

Either way, great little video!

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If you have ever been in an american car, you will see why they are impressed by it. Dashboards on the cars in the states are crap, you can easily tell the Fiesta is a EU car :) But i don't think they will get the same choice of engines, i'm thinking a 1.6 will be the smallest engine :(

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Blimey I thought that it was going to be a fiesta !Removed! film at first the way she was stroking the car and talking about the back seats lol, I was trying to watch to see if the indicators cancelled off.


Can anyone confirm that the EU cars (when equipt with leather) do NOT have heated front seats?

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