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Whirring Sound


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Hello. I have a 2003 Ford KA. On ignition and whilst idling there is a whirring sound coming from the engine bay. It becomes much louder when the clutch is engaged, also when accelerating. The sound doesn't seem to affect 5th gear and is quieter in 4th. I believe the power steering pump and water pump are working and the altinator is new though I'd say the sound is maybe coming from the lefthand side of the engine bay. Is it a potential clutch problem?

Any suggestions would be very much appreciated.

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same here with thrust bearing. if thats the case change the clutch aswell. try pulling away in second gear as it should pull fine and feel for slipping. if it slips it's the clutch. also get someone to bleed it and change the fluid as that maybe old fluid & have moisture in it so do that fist before changing anything as thats the cheapest option to eliminate after trying to pull away in 2nd gear. i would also get the aux belt changed .

do in this order

there should be no noise from clutch if idle and out of gear as the thrust bearing only works when pressed .

try each in order if the first dont work goto the next & so on :-

have a friend listen to engine while you rev it & put it into gear

1 change aux belt as that maybe the sound you hear

2 change clutch oil & bleed properly

3 pull away in second to check for clutch slipping if it slips then do number 4

4 change clutch & thrust bearing

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