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Another Handle Issue!!


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Hi Guys,

I've had my new Street KA about a month now, and since owning it I have replaced the steering wheel, wheels, radio and rear window (cracked).

Today my drivers side outside handle just all of a sudden stopped working. After working the door card off I have seen the plastic clip on the back of the handle has snapped off. I've ordered a nice new handle of eBay for it, I just want to know that once I fit the handle should that fix the issue or could there be something else in the mechanism broken? I only ask because when the problem first started I swear the clip wasn't broken originally, or it may just be me.

Thanks for any help!

Emma :)

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Before replacing the door handle ensure that all the doors are aligned correctly as this will put additional strain on the handle. I went through 4 handles (1 off-side and 3 near-side) before they got the door properly straight and haven't had a new handle since. Also make sure your locks are properly greased to ensure that they don't stick.

Frankly I think the door handles are a bit flmsy in the design but it doesn't help when the door has dropped, which they have a tendency to do. I keep a stock of door handles are the first 4 went and have 3 of each in my garage.

All the best


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It's a design fault where the pressure required to pull the rod inside the door is too great for the plastic behind the handle due to the rod etc having too much friction on other parts. This can be cured by releasing the black plastic weather box slightly to allow free-er movement and lubricating all parts. Once I did this our handles never broke. Simply replacing handle after handle will never cure the problem.

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