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Fan Type (Heated) Washer Jets - Group Purchase

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Hi guys,

OK, so you are all in this section for one reason - you like to modify your motor! as too am I, and I come looking to offer a service to you all!

Ordinarily "Mist" type washer jets cost around £18 for a single jet - specifically these are for the heated variety. I am not sure how many of you have considered changing your washer jets, but if you havent, have a look at the information below, and my offer to the forum on the link provided at the bottom. Long story short, If I can get enough of you to join a group purchase, I could buy in a batch of jets from China (seemingly OEM) for less than £20.00 for a PAIR of jets.

Normal "Stream Jets"

So for those of you who havent thought of it, please see the picture below, most jets out the factory are "stream" jets.

These are the ones that look like this:



These are the jets that spray at four points on the windscreen and get wiped across the rest of the window. They are "stock" and can be difficult to adjust with a pin or needle just to get it at the right point on the windscreen.

Fan Jets

Fan Jets are different, instead of spraying like the above, these are sprayed out across more of the windscreen:



As you can see, you get a much better coverage of the windscreen and it helps to clean the window more efficiently, as well as reducing the flow rate of the windscreen washer, meaning longer lasting tanks of screen wash, and a better driving experience.

I am personally fed up having to consider spending just under £20.00 for a single mist jet (detailed below) and as I say, If I can get enough orders together, I could buy them for about £15 - £18 for the jets, and would ask you to contribute a small amount of postage and packaging. As such, you can get a pair of jets for less than the likes of buying it from ebay / particular "Ford Genuine Parts" stores.

If you are interested in joining this group purchase, please click the following link and add your vote and comments :)


Mist Type Jets

As you can see, these are the "mist type jets, and with very little difference between these and the fan jets, I fail to see how sellers can charge £18.00 each for them. They used to cost just a couple of quid per jet, but as it was cottoned on that it was a cheap and superb modification, they started to cash in on it!



As you can see, these just spray out the water like an uber fine horrible "guaranteed to soak you through to the bone" kind of rain! but there is little difference in term of coverage between the Fan and Mist types.

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