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Worried about my clutch


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Yesterday for the first time in my new Fiesta, when doing a hill start I gave my Fiesta too much rev whilst the clutch was not fully released as I was worried that I would stall the car on this steep hill oor start to roll back into the car behind. Then for the first time in my new Fiesta there was a terrible burning smell which was clearly the clutch. This was the first time I had ever done this and I didnt mean to. Should my car still be fine or could I have done serious damage to my clutch? People tell me that in order to do damage, I would have to be over revving constantly before the clutch would stat to get any serious damage. I know very little about cars so I was concerned when I could smell that burnt smell. Hope someone can put my mind at ease as since it happened, I think I am feeling a very slight vibration everytime and release the clutch back up. Although I could just be slightly paranoid and maybe there really is no difference.

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;) did it 5 or 6 times on my escort never hurt it ran to 105000 miles before i renew it should be fine

dont worry

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