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Captain Peanut

Problem With 6000Cd Stereo

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Hi all

I've recently purchased a 2005 mk2 Focus and am having a problem with the stereo.

It turns on and all the functions seem to work but there is no sound. I've tried holding down the 3 and 6 buttons and get sound out of both front Speakers and the right rear speaker but no sound in general use.

A quick Google shows that this seems to be a common problem but I can't find a fix. Can anyone shed any light on a way of fixing the problem?


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I would get the rear left speaker and it's wiring checked.

There is a protection system on the Focus radios that cuts the amp power to the Speakers if a short is detected.

As the rear left one is producing no sound on the tone test I'd say a wire in the door loom has broken and caused a short or the speaker itself has blown.

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Just a quick update...

Turned the car on yesterday and could hear static noise coming from the Speakers but noticed that the head unit was constantly scanning for stations. Stuck a CD in and, hey presto, I had some tunes!

Am hoping it is just a loose connection on the back of the head unit now, have ordered some removal keys and will see what's what when they arrive.

In the mean time I am watching a few of the Sony units on eBay, are they a worthwhile upgrade over the 6000CD units?

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Could be the aerial connector come loose then.

If buying a Sony unit make 100% sure it's not a Mondeo unit as they have a different shape faceplate and are different dimensions too.

Usual way to tell is that the Mondeo fit radio has an angled face and the face is also wider at the top.

Sound wise they are better than the standard Visteon unit and look far nicer too.

If you can find a 6CD unit then even better.

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