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Number Plate Bulb Issue


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My electrical troubles continue!! I havent had a chance to fix my number plate bulbs yet from a previous post but was driving the car tonight and i now hav no intrument cluster lights on my speedo, rev counter, heater knobs etc?? I know these are all linked by the same fuse but checked this 7.5a fuse and is ok. Any ideas whats going on here?



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Hi I was reading your post about your number plate light , and dash lights not working ,My son has the same issue

reading your notes did you have to take the fuse box out to replace the damaged / loose wire from the fuse box


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Agreed with Mark.

Check the earthing points.

When you turn the lights on and the engine running, is the headlight lightly flickering? that could indicate a bad alternator, or battery, which is worth checking at this time of year. I would then check the earth point next to the battery, clean it up and resecure and see if this improves the situation. If not, then you would certainly need to check the other earth points, one I believe is on the gearbox, others are on the body of the car.

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