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Power Chips

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New to this but was wondering if anyone has heard of tuning wizard an what the chips are like?

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These are basic resistors (DIL= dual-in-line, looks like semiconductor chips but are fixed resistors inside) that normally connect to the IAT - (intake air temperature) sensor to fool the ECU into thinking its colder than it actually is, so it injects a little more fual into the engine

The boards the "chips" (resistors) are mounted on are veroboard (i type of cheap printed circut board used by students for projects- not normally used in commercial/ professional products) or a variable resistor (AKA a potentiometer- worth about £1)

you could buy the resistor(s) etc for under a fiver,(Maplin, etc) and do it yourself , better still, don't bother (often IAT resistor boxes reduce power, depending on the engine/ car)

Potentiometer from ebay 2 for 99p -


you will need a little plastic box, some wire, and a soldering iron

(that fiver worth of box/resistor/veroboard is bieng sold for about £40 (fixed resistor) to £75 (variable resistor))

Or fit a tuning box from an established company (DTUK, Roverron, etc) or get a remap from an established company (eg- Superchips, Bluefin etc)

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