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Induction Kit Or Replacement K&n?

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As the title states I'm wondering whether to just get a replacement k&n air filter for my focus mk2.5 1.6 petrol or get the whole induction kit.

Are there any pros and cons to either?

Is it worth the difference in price to get an induction kit?



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just stick with the panel filter, lenny on here had a 10% discount code for a green cotton filter from a company which i carnt remember.... pm him and ask ;)

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Mostly induction kits just make more noise, some double the induction noise which can give the illusion of more power, some reduce bottom end power which can give the illusion of more top-end power

Cheap or "universal" induction kits often reduce power, as the air is drawn from a hot place, a good induction kit should have a CAIS (cold/ cool air induction system)

On your car a performance air filter/ induction system will make very little difference to power, probably 1 - 2 hp at best, and probably only at higher revs, throttle responce may improve a little

Fitting a K&N panel filter may increase power a little, but that may be because the old filter is clogged up, a new "performance" filter should be compared to a new, stock filter (like-for-like not old with new

If you own something like a remapped/ tuned Focus RS, something like a Mountune induction kit makes a difference in power, but mountune know what they are doing, and its a tuned RS, not a bog stock 1.6

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