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Remote Locking Key


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My remote control has finally given up the ghost. I have replaced the battery a couple of times, but nothing happens when I go through the re-programming sequence - when I get to the bit about pressing a button on the remote, nothing happens, i.e. I don't get a confirmation beep.

Seeing as replacement keys from Ford are so expensive, I sourced a replacement from a local car scrap yard - only £2.

After opening the car, I successfully re-programmed the replacement remote and the car started ok.

When I got home, I took the two remotes apart and paired up the replacement remote mechanism with the original key part.

However, this morning I encountered a problem. I opened the car using the remote and attempted to start the ignition - nothing happened. I waited a short while and opened the car manually using the key. On attempting to start the ignition now I set the alarm off !!

Anyone had this problem before? Do I need to keep both original parts of the key together?

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Whilst typing the last line of my post, I thought that I would give this a go - I paired up the original keys parts, unlocked the car with the replacement remote, and successfully started the car. Turned off ignition and swapped the car parts around, and encountered the same problem as before.

So it seems you do need to keep the original key together, even if half of it no longer works!!

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