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Plasti Dip Any Good?

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I have been looking into getting my roof done gloss black.

I came across plasti dip. Has anyone used this before?

Is it any good or should I go for a wrap?

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i wouldnt use it tbh, ive tried it on a coupel of things to save money, but if the conditions aint right then it doesnt work, 99% of people that use it are in the usa where they have the proper stuff in the uk we have a substitue as we carnt use some of the ingediants i believe, if you using it then the room has to be around 22'c for it to set, you need an area with No wind so a fully sealed garage also tape the entire car up so you dont get any over spray then once youve done 3 4 coast of the stuff and let it harden you can still ruin it if you peel it of to quickly and even if youe carful it can still give you funny edges, where as a wrap is soo easy to fit cut to rough size lay it on top the super clean roof, then start from the middle with a squeege and heat gun them pull to the edges and wrap around the seals then cut the excess leave to dry and cool off re apply the seals on the roof and denaaaaaa perfect :) so id go wrap m8

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Ok mate nice one.

I was looking at loads of videos on YouTube about plasti dip and it looks really good. But now you mention it they was all American videos. Lol.

Would you say using wrap is pretty much the same way you would tint your windows?

Do you know how to get the black runners off the roof?

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the balck runners should just slide down the roof and out i think. and the wrap is pretty much the same yes but its better to not use water as the wrap adhesive is a little different to tint adhesive. so just lay in on nicly in the middle and then apply heat pull and squeege out towards the edge and seal the edges the same as window tint, id advise to have a m8 help you as two people is quicker and easier to lay the wrap on :) and make sure you buy enough lol :L long story haha

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