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Ford Focus 1.6 Headlights Dim When Bass Hits


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Hi All. Im new to the forum. not sure if anyone can help me.

I have a 55 plate 1.6 ford focus.

now everytime I turn my radio up and the bass hits the lights dim (headlights, odometer light)

now this is what I have installed at present

105a brand new ford original alternator

a brand new 72ah battery silver calcium ford original

done the big 3 wire upgrade

cleaned up the grounds in boot, headlight earth, and main earths

I have a jvc head unit

A FLI 900S 4 channel amp in 2 channel mode bridged with a 12" edge sub connected to it

if anyone could shed any light on the situation.

would be gratefully appreciated.

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This is a classic Audio problem.

The current draw is higher when the Bass audio is kicking in. There is a easy thing to sort.

I would suggest a Power CAP on the power input to the Amplifier. There are tables that will say what value is required.

But I would suggest a 1Farad cap should do the trick.

These are not that expensive, but go for a good make Cap as the cheaper ones are a little pony and not true to the value.

If I can suggest a retailer, I have worked close with Gavin at G7 Sounds. These guys know the products and trade.

You can say you spoke to JustConnect and they may do you a good turn.



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Hi (just connect)

I have been told that installing a cap will only make things worse. Im going to see my local audio speaialist at weekend to see what they have to say. But thanks anyway. :D

Sent from my GT-I9300 using Ford OC mobile app

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