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Fiesta St-2 Ideas Welcome :)

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Hi everyone!

I have had my blue Fiesta ST-2 now for a month and I LOVE it!!

I want to do little but subtle things to it to make it stand out. I've just ordered some DMB gel badges in Carbon with blue writing and are getting wheel centres in carbon with 'Fiesta' written on them! :D cannot wait to get them on!

I saw a fiesta in black with the front grille surround gold which looked soooo good! Better then how it sounds trust me :) so was thinking of getting the surround in red but don't know where or how to do it. Will want to get it done properly though.

Any other ideas will be taken on board :)

Nick post-51846-139655010639_thumb.jpg

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Hi Nick. Thik it depends on whether you want visible outside mods or interior, engine bay ones? And of course how much you want to spend.

I've changed most of my bulbs and have thought about a front splitter, changing hoses and pipework in the engine bay but it can all get a little pricey

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Mostly exterior. I love the interior so won't be touching that yet. I really want the bright HID bulbs but don't know if I need a kit or can just buy bulbs?

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If you want HID's you will need a kit. Expect to pay upwards of £50 for a decent set, don't get cheap ones from China, I used HID's Direct in Manchester, they have a website and sell on eBay as well. They are really good and very helpful. Remember though they are not strictly legal. Your other option are just a bulb replacement. Lots of guys on here use night breakers but don't have any knowledge of then myself.

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