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hello all


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I've just had my Mondeo for a week and it has a lot to live up to.

My previous car was a Seat Toledo 2.3 V5 - what a car! Sounded fantastic, went like the clappers, quite rare, ultra reliable, economical (36mpg), sat nav, leather, cruise, multichanger, auto wipers, auto rear mirror, traction control, the list goes on. I can't praise this car enough, BUT we needed a bigger motor for the kids and also a heavier car to lug the caravan about. Hence the Mondeo.

We initially decided on a ST220, but at the last moment I discovered they cannot have a towbar fitted!

So we opted for a 2.2 diesel Titanium X. It looks great, and goes well for a diesel, seems comfortable and is definately better for towing and has more legroom for the kids. BUT the quality is not there. It is definately not screwed together as well as the Seat. The Ford dealer I got got it from can not be recommended. I expect better from a main dealer. I just hope the car is going to be more reliable than my last Mondeo - a 2.0 Si. That was a pile of junk!

Fingers crossed!

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