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Mondeo 3 Stereo

Mark twiglet

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I've fitted the 092 auto leads kit for my parrot system and all works ok but...... The stalk remote now does nothing on the steering cowl! Have I got the wrong kit?

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Disconnect the radio and unplug the remote interface from the stalk control.

Reattach the radio first and ensure it's recieving power then reattach the controller interface to the remote.

If you do it the other way round the interface does not recognise the remote for some reason.

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The big parrot control box.

Disconnect the SOT cable from the Parrot box and the radio loom.

Disconnect the power cable from the Parrot box.

Fit the SOT cable only and then reconnect the radio.

Check the radio works with the steering controller then switch off but do not disconnect again.

Connect the Parrot control box to it's power, then attach to the SOT cable.

Test before fully refitting the radio.

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