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Streetka Over Heating. :( Help!


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Hi guys!

I've only recently bought my street ka and already have had issues with over heating and loosing coolent. It turned out to be the coolent tank (it was cracked in several places) which I've now had replaced.

Since it's been replaced I would have expect everything to be normal but the engine is still getting too hot and flagging up the temp light on the dash when I'm town driving. The only way I can get the temp to drop is to put the heater on (this is the way we redirect heat in the classic minis when it's a hot day)

What is causing the over heating? I've been told I don't have an air lock in the coolent system because if have heat coming from the heater. Could it be the thermostat?

Please help! 😥

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Does the fan come on? May need a new switch if not but best to replace thermostat anyway as its cheap enough.

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Yeah fan is on quite quick when the engine warms up. I had an idea it could be the thermostat. Problem is.... This car is far too modern for me and I haven't a clue! >_<

Will source a new one and attempt my first repair!

Thanks guys 😊

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Okay..... Sorry to be annoying but I'm looking at thermostats etc...

Do I need the whole lot? The housing, gasket and thermostat? Would this be recommended?

Or can I just buy the individual thermostat and a replacement gasket from uni part.

The difference being around £80 for the gen ford thermostat housing with gasket and thermostat or £20 from uni part for the thermostat and gasket.

Thanks again for ya help!

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