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Help!! Juddering Mk6 Fiesta

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ive had my mk6 (2007) fiesta 2 years and he's been a dream!

until recently, about a month ago it started juddering and wobbling whenever i stopped ( be at lights or a junction or parking) and under revving ( below the usual 1000)

i took it to a "ford specialist" garage and told them the issue, the said it was my ht leads and one of my coils, which they replaced, then took nearly £200 off me, about ten minutes into my journey home low and behold the juddering started under revving again, the gargage had closed by this point as im a working lass and couldnt pick the car up until after work, i vowed to ring the garage the next day after my morning shift, that night my engine light came on and i couldnt get faster than 30mph! i know its only a 1.2 but it can do loads better, again i went to the garage and was told another lead was faulty so i told them to replace all four, they did this free of charge and again 10 minutes into my drive home ....JUDDERING!!!!!!

it now starts just fine but once it gets warm it judders and under revs :(

HELP? anybody?

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