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Mondeo Estate Advise

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Hi all just got myself a 2008 mondeo estate titanium x 2.0 diesel was just wondering if I can change the head lights to xenon as I think the standard ones don't light the road up very well the car has adaptive headlights does this make any difference and was thinking of getting it remapped with this remap would having this done fry the clutch? Ford Mondeo TDCi 2.0 DPF 140 140 hp too170 hp 320 NM too 382 NM any advice would be helpfull thanks

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I recommend you fit high-performance bulbs that are a direct replacement, they are road-legal, and have a brighter, whiter light, less hassle to fit as well and probably cheaper - various manufacturers make them and FOC will have different opinions about the best ones

Remaps do not nessesarily destroy the trans (DMF/ clutch) and its not the power, but the torque that puts the DMF under strain, especially at low revs, towing heavy loads and driving style are other factors

A progressive power/ torque curve,(gradually increasing from low revs) and sensible driving style (no "drag" starts or labouring/ using a high throttle opening in a high gear/ low revs especially uphill/ under a heavy load) cold mean a massive power gain but LESS stress overall on the DMF

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