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Mk3.5 Fiesta Engine Swap

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Hi iv got a 94 mk3.5 fiesta 1.3 hcs, and I was just wondering if I could swap the engine for a xr2i 1.6 8v an if it was possible what would I need to do...any help would be much appreciated.

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in General, You would need all the xr2 engine parts, including inlet/ exhaust, peripherals /engine electrics, the xr2 probably has a different gearbox, with a different final drive or close ratios etc, the front brakes may be bigger, the suspension may be different, often with thicker anti-roll bars

With the xr2 ECU, you may need the matching ignition barrel, key and locks (from the xr2)

Anything is possible - FWD fiesta to FWD fiesta should not be too much of a problem - often, it is cheaper/ easier/ better to just buy an xr2, unless you have an xr2 engine kicking about, or a smashed xr2 Shell or are building a race car/ have some sort of special reason etc etc

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