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Mk6 Fiesta Zetec S Conversion Help!!

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Hi guys, I have a 57 plate zetec s, and I want to convert it to a st150.

The car hold a lot of sentimental value as my granddad gave me the money to buy the car and he passed away when before I had chance to pay him the last £800. so im kepping the car.

ive always wanted an st, so my question is: What parts do I need to change it from a zetec s to a st?

I can think of complete engine/gearbox, wiring loom, ecu (pcm) and clocks.

I never have the time at work to carefully look at the diffrences between a st and a zetec s (I work for a ford dealership). if anyone who has actually done it or helped in the conversion can help me out, that would be greatly appreciated.

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I wouldn't do it. You will buy an ST for less than the cost of the conversion. Keep your ZS as it is, it's a cracking car in its own right :D

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If you had St stuff for free, its possible, but by the time you get the stuff, you could by a St, as you would have to change engine, box, loom, then there the brakes, fiesta s is only disc on the front, St front and back, St is a 2l duratec, the fiesta s is 1.6. Im turning my fiesta 1.4 silver into a s, but lv got my old fiesta s as a breaking car for the parts l need, keep s as it is and look for st, :-) 

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