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Clutch Advice Needed.

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Hello Folks.

I have an 08 Plate 1.3 Petrol Ka (Wifes's car) and it needs a new clutch. I popped into my local mechanic and he quoted me £240 to fit a new clutch including parts.

As times are hard right now I decided to look up a few of the famous online factors and saw a Valeo clutch for £49.99. I am wondering am I buying a cheap clutch or is it better to get one direct for my local Ford Dealers.

Is there a DMF on these cars?

What would I normally need to replace? Any advice truly appreciated.


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£240 is a good price inc parts etc i recon. luk parts are better

phone this number or look at the web site

0115 9647 391


l u k parts are the makers for most clutches for ford etc. it's the only make i use

if you phone them they will be able to tell you all the parts you need.

ask your mechanic if he will fit your supplied parts as some wont due to warranty

i would give ford parts a call for a price then go shopping about as sometimes ford parts arnt much more than non for parts

dont forget to ask if the ford price includes vat

look here and email them your wants and they will give you a total price and they email back quite quickly reguardless time or day


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Valeo are an original equipment manufacturer for many cars, so certainly a good name.

Valeo, LUK, Sachs etc are all good names to look out for.

Replace the 2 pieces of the clutch and the concentric slave cylinder while your in there although not totally necessary.

Also make sure there is no oil leaking from behind the flywheel - I've only had to do one main oil seal while doing a clutch so you will probably be fine.

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If the Clutch Kit and Concentric Slave Cylinder is about £83 and I been quoted £240 how many hours does it take to change a clutch?


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