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1988 Escort - Power steering and auto trans. question.


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Hey people, how are you?

Ok, heres the deal.

Ive bought a 1988 Escort, 3 door estate, 70k on the clock.

I also have a 1998 Mondeo, 87k on the clock.

Both have auto transmissions, the Mondeo has power steering, the Escort doesnt.

The Escort is a bit jarry between gears as the auto moves up gear. Aswell as that, the stick itself is a bit hard to shift between gears.

The Escort also doesnt have power steering, so its a bit harder to get into spaces and stuff.

Heres what Id like to know :

1. Can power steering be added to the Escort, if so, how much?

2. Can a new gear box be added, including the stick itself, somethign more like the Mondeo one, if so, how much?

3. Can the Mondeo be used as a donor car?


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