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Help On Modifications On Fiesta Zetec S (2013)

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Hey guys,

I'm new on here but it seems like a really good community and everyone is willing to help so I was wondering if anyone could give me and others some tips on the modifications that can be made on a fiesta zetec s (2013).

Ive already ordered the 's' badge to put on the grill at the front and was thinking about putting an 's' sticker on the steering wheel but can't seem to find it online yet.

I'm thinking about changing/adding some lights too but not sure which ones so would appreciate some advice :)

Many thanks in advance,


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Hi nath, here's the "s" badge link for you :) ...


Here's my 2013 ZS too for a little insperation maybe...


Get some

Pics of your zs up :)

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Wow you have so many mods on that haha :P

Cheers for the link too, going to order it soon, which one do you reckon though, the red or the black?

Here is a couple of pics of the car though, I think I'm gonna take some better pics of it soon though haha :)




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Hahaa still plenty left to do yet too :p

No problem and I do quite like the red tbh ? But can't say I don't like the white I have one ;) liking the car too btw :) I need some decent pictures once the weather gets good too.

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