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Hello from Bristol

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Hi I'm Steve from Bristol. Ive got a 53 ford Fusion 3 1.4 tdci Called Donkey, had it over 2 years Bought it to replace a sick Land rover, Couldn't afford to waste any more money on. wanted a cheaper to run car that would be ok for me and the wife and our duties. The wife picked it I thought it was a Focus at 1st. Ive had Fords in the past and thought them basic but reliable as cars go.its a bit rattley but has a good stereo to drown the clatter. Haven't regreted it yet £35 annual road tax compared to £299. Still forget to fill it up it goes so far on fuel. and still question the cashier when I fill it up can't get used to putting under £80 in a fuel tank...

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Always under £40 the wife called it donkey cause its always got a trailer, caravan or hauling a load somwhere its proved to be a fair replacment for the landrover even though its a totaly diferent breed of vehicle...Thanks for asking. cartman690... :rolleyes:

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