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Clean, Shiny & Mini Photoshoot

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Finally got round to giving my car a proper clean, touched up a stonechip on the bonnet last weekend and gave the inside a good going over with some Megs Interior Detailer. This weekend I treated it to a wash, wax, wheel seal and trim tart up, then while drying/de-rusting the brakes I pulled up and took some pictures (before it rains tomorrow). This is the first time the car has been clean since fitting the new wheels, I have an excuse though, it's been in and out of Ford about 4 times with a water ingress related problem (which is hopefully all sorted), so I didn't want to wash it, plus having something wrong with the car always make me loose all motivation to titivate, lol.

Anywhoo, here are the pics :)

DSC 0669

DSC 0675

DSC 0655

DSC 0657

DSC 0676

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Looking better for it with the new rims!

i'd forgotten the exhaust tip came on the higher powered diesel model too. still, even if it rains at least theres no more saharan dust coming down with it! Washed mine for the first time since yesterday and it took a fair while to scrub off! the roof was matt!

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These are so much easier to clean, the reason I haven't used the poorboys until now is that I just couldn't face applying it to 15 intricate spokes per wheel.

Not the main reason I changed them though although it did make the cost a little easier to swallow, haha.

I didn't realise the chrome exhaust tips were tied to the engine rather than the trim till I look around. I believe they are only on the 1.6 petrol and 2.0 diesel, even then it might only be the highest power versions of each.

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oh my god, i know what you mean! i had the optional 18" multispokes on my previous Focus Zetec S - hand cramp was an understatement. the wheel brush i had was too big and just transferred all the dirt onto me so it had to be by sponge!

I'd definitely sacrificed practicality for looks, looks like a win win for you now though B)

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Thanks, I fell in love with wheels when I first looked at the brochure for the Focus. A year after buying the car I had to have them, lol.

Doesn't look quite like that now though as it has been raining all day, although you can see the affect waxing has on the car when its wet :)

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