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Mondeo Mk4 Bluetooth Audio Streaming

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Hi All

New to the forum despite having had 2 Focus' (Foci?) in the past...

Last week I bought a 2010 Mondeo mk 4 Estate Titanium. It's a lovely car and I'm very pleased with it. I'm having some problems streaming audio via bluetooth though.

It's got the Sony 6CD head unit, and I can bond my phone (iPhone 5S), see the playlists and tracks etc on the display on the head unit, but the display on the drivers screen between rev counter and speedo just says BT audio. I can skip tracks using the steering wheel controls and it changes on the headunit display and on the "now playing" screen on my phone; everything I expect, but I don't get any sound.

On Thursday I updated the firmware to the April 2012 version. After I'd done that it all worked, sound coming through. "Brilliant" I thought... (Also, had the tracks etc shown on the display in front of driver)

Next time I got in the car it was the same as before. I've tried debonding the phone and reconnecting, but still no joy. I've tried to do a bit of research on this but all of the topics I can find are people wondering if their car is capable of the audio streaming, and I know mine is, I just can't get it to work!

Any ideas greatly received.



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Do you connect your iPhone (also) via USB? Is the volume on the phone turned up whilst you are streaming?

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Hi TomTom, thanks for the quick reply. Just been out to the car to have a little play and lo and behold it's working. Didn't do anything differently at all. It looks like when I tested it after the firmware update I must have had it plugged in via USB as well because that seems to be the only way to see playlists etc. But I've now been out and it's working under iPod if plugged in and BT off on the phone, and under BT audio when not plugged in and BT on on the phone. So it seems problem solved, maybe I just wasn't being patient enough...

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