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Alarm Going Off After A Jump Start


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Hi guys!

Me again.... Sorry.....

I had a bit of a muppet moment today and accidentally left the side lights on.... Must remember not all modern cars let you know when the lights are still on.

I've jump started the car and the alarm is constantly going off.... I had to drive it home with the alarm ringing in my ears intermittently and the indicators flashing. Thankfully no police were around as that would have been embarrassing.... Yes officer I'm stealing my own car >_<

Is this because the battery power is so low or is it because it didn't like the idea of being jump started?

By the time I got home, the alarm had stopped going off, but after shutting the engine down, locking the doors on the fob and then unlocking the doors again on the fob, the alarm went off?

I will start the car again later on and take it for a proper drive but is there any way I can shut the alarm down if it happens again?

I really must get a Haynes manual >_<

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Okay..... Erm it went as follows

Well as soon as I pressed the fob to open the doors, the alarm would set it self off. So I opened and closed the drivers door. Locked, unlocked and locked the doors by using the key. Waited for the alarm to stop then opened the doors with the fob and hey presto no alarm! :D

Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC

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